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Guide your visitors through your website

Ask your visitors what they are looking for on your website to send them on the right place to find what they need and improve their experience.
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Help your visitors and guide them to the right place

Improve user experience and increase your conversions by asking to your visitors what they are searching for. You can then segment your visitors and help them find the right product or content on your website.

Segment your visitors

Start by asking questions to your visitors to know more about them. You can display multiple steps to segment your visitors and to be able to send them to the right page find the right product or offer.
Segment your visitors

Guide visitors to the right products

Send first-time visitors to your bestsellers. Direct returning visitors’ attention to new arrivals. Use product recommendation popups to guide the right group of visitors to the right products.
Guide visitors to the right products

Everything you need to guide your visitors

PrettyLead has all the features you need to guide your visitors on your website
iconNew visitors

Target all the visitors that never visited your website before.

iconReturning visitors

Target the visitors who already have been to you site and come back after X hours/days.

iconMulti-steps campaigns

Create multi-steps campaigns and display the right message at the right time to your visitors.

iconPage targeting

Decide on which page of your website to display or hide your campaign.

iconMobile editor

Edit your campaigns with the mobile editor mode and show/hide elements on mobile only.

iconCustomize your design

Customize your campaigns to match your design. Everything is 100% customizable.

Discover all you can do with PrettyLead

A powerful yet easy to use visual builder to help you design your campaign with no limit

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    We love using PrettyLead
    We love using PrettyLead on our website and the creative ability we have when designing our Pop-ups. They aren't intrusive and can be edited to match our branding!

    Not to mention, the PrettyLead team has great customer support and quickly worked to help us create a solution for a new feature. We look forward to utilizing platform in the future to help us accomplish our company goals!
    Laura Osborn - Digital Editorwww.rockymountainbride.com