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Create engaging popups, notification bars and fullscreens and convert your visitors with advanced targeting capabilities.
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Here's what PrettyLead can do for you

PrettyLead's purpose is to help online marketers, bloggers, eCommerce to:

Get more email subscribers

Collect emails and all the data you need with form fields like text inputs, dropdowns, checkboxes and more.

Boost engagement

Engage with your visitors by asking them feedback about your product or by showing them special offers exactly when they need it.

Capture more leads

Show your visitors relevant offers based on their behavior and the conditions you want to improve your conversion rate.

Drive more sales

Create urgency by showing coutdown for your offers or pop special offers when a cusomter is about to leave without completing a purchase.

Beautiful, high-converting templates

Choose from our pre-made templates to create targeted, high-converting elements (No designer or developer needed)
Grow Your Email List Create a newsletter subscription
Create Urgency Create a sense of urgency
Promote Special Offers Increase your sales with a discount
Limited-time offer: Get 20% off any product
Notifiy your visitors Promote a product in a notification
Collect Feedback Know your audience better
grow your email list popup create urgency popup promote special offers popup notify your visitors get feedback from your visitors

Target the right visitor at the right time

Segment your visitors with custom rules to show the right messages to the right users. Set triggers based on user behavior to show your message at the right time.
  • Display rules
  • Number of visits
  • Geolocation
  • From specific URL
  • Include / Exclude pages
  • Device type
  • Time on website
  • Triggers
  • Exit intent
  • Page scrolled
  • Time on page
  • After inactivity
  • On click

Connect with your favorite tools

Collect the data you need with customizable form fields and connect with the most popular email service providers, CRMs and e-commerce platform to forward your data where you want.
  • Customizable fields
  • Easy setup
  • One-click integration

Track your conversions in real time

Monitor your campaigns across all your sites with analytics for each campaign. See in real time what's happening across all your sites with detailed analytics and insights.
  • Impressions
  • CTA clicks
  • Conversions
  • Emails collected

It's not just Pretty. It's Powerful

A powerful yet easy to use visual builder to help you design your campaigns with no limit
Drag and Drop
Display rules
Mobile editor

Drag and Drop

With the Drag and Drop interface you can add images, texts, fields, buttons and more without code.

Mobile editor

Preview your campaign in the mobile editor and resize the window to see result. All PrettyLead templates are mobile compatible by default.

Display rules

Choose the display conditions for your campaign in a simple and intuitive way. Your campaign will be ready in a few clicks to be displayed to the right visitors at the right time.

Compatible with any CMS or platform

You can use PrettyLead on any CMS or platform.
Once you install PrettyLead, you can manage all your campaigns from a powerful central dashboard.