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Know your audience better

Let your visitors leave their opinions with stars, emojis or comments and gain valuable insights to know them better & improve your website experience.
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Gain valuable customer insights

Why do people go from one page to another, without putting any product into their baskets? What if they put items in their baskets, but never proceed to check out? Fixing such issues is hard when you don’t really know what to fix. What if you could easily ask your visitors how they feel about your website at the moment they are about to leave?

Get to know your visitors

Ask questions about user behavior during the journey, identify where they get stuck, and improve the performance and user experience of your website.
Get to know your visitors

Stars, Emojis, Numbers...

Quickly design 5 stars, 3-option emoji, or Yes-No feedback elements and let your visitors leave their opinions in a blink of an eye. It is an easy way for your visitors to leave instant, visualized feedback.
Stars, Emojis, Numbers...

Everything you need to collect feedback

PrettyLead has all the features you need to collect feedback on your website
iconDrag & Drop interface

Drag from the list all the elements you need in your campaign: text, image, button, etc.

iconCustom form fields

Add all the fields you want in your forms: text input, textarea, checkbox, dropdown...

iconMulti-steps campaigns

Create multi-steps campaigns and display the right message at the right time to your visitors.

icon50+ Templates

Choose from our high-converting pre-made templates or start yours from scratch.

iconMobile editor

Edit your campaigns with the mobile editor mode and show/hide elements on mobile only.

iconCustomize your design

Customize your campaigns to match your design. Everything is 100% customizable.

Discover all you can do with PrettyLead

A powerful yet easy to use visual builder to help you design your campaign with no limit

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    We love using PrettyLead
    We love using PrettyLead on our website and the creative ability we have when designing our Pop-ups. They aren't intrusive and can be edited to match our branding!

    Not to mention, the PrettyLead team has great customer support and quickly worked to help us create a solution for a new feature. We look forward to utilizing platform in the future to help us accomplish our company goals!
    Laura Osborn - Digital Editorwww.rockymountainbride.com